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GPS Tracking and Microdots

Track, Locate, Identify. The three steps to ensure the safe recovery of stolen assets and with GPS tracking and microdots, you get the ultimate theft protection combination. GPS trackers allow you to track and locate your vehicle or asset around the clock, and microdots give your assets a unique serial number that can identify it as your property.

Black Knight’s Z3 GPS tracker is our high-performance tracking device designed to be attached to anything with a permanent power source. Cars, vans, trucks, and even motorcycles and caravans. Thanks to a sleep-mode function, you don’t have to worry about the tracker draining your battery.

Black Knight Z3 GPS Tracking device

The Z3 GPS tracker is capable of geofence alerts which can alert you whenever your vehicle or asset leaves a set perimeter. Even if a thief is clever enough to remove the tracker, the Z3 can send you a power disconnect alert and your asset’s last known location is still a valuable lead for police to track it down.

GPS Trackers have more than just anti-theft capabilities. They also double as fleet management and employee tracking tools (check your State laws before using it as such), which can help reduce overall expenses by giving you insights into travel data and driving habits.

Although a GPS tracking device may help you track and locate your assets, the addition of microdots will help identify the asset and prove that it belongs to you and it will make it less a desirable target for thieves.

Nanotag’s Microdots are small (between 0.1 mm to 1 in diameter) metal flakes with a unique alphanumerical serial number embedded in them. This number is then linked to an individual or business on a database. This can be used to identify the original owner of the marked item. Microdots can be applied onto just about any surface through an adhesive brush, label or aerosol can or imbedded in plastic and moulded into shape. They also double as a way to prove that your assets are genuine.

The combination of GPS tracking with microdots gives you the ultimate theft protection. A GPS tracking device on your vehicle or asset can alert you of any unauthorised use and can help you locate it should it fall into the wrong hands. The addition of microdots on your vehicle or asset gives it a unique identifier that proves it’s your property.

Track, Locate, Identify. The three steps to ensure the safe recovery of stolen assets. Contact Nanotag today for a microdot and GPS tracking anti-theft solution for your business.

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