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  • Neville Bell

Is Agricultural And Farm Theft Really A Thing?

As recently reported on The Conversation, escaping the city for a rural lifestyle might not necessarily mean also leaving problems of crime behind too. Farm crime is a much larger problem than you may think.

If the ever-present threat of drought, flood and pests weren't enough of a problem for farmers, increasing levels of livestock, machinery and produce theft are always niggling the back of their minds. But what is being done, and how can farmers stay ahead of the thieves?

Thankfully, there are solutions.

Covert and overt tagging identification technologies are being applied, such as plastic ear tags (for animals), secure locks (for sheds or containers) and product labels impregnated with NanoTag's alphanumerically unique microdots.

NanoTag works closely with Australian Wild Abalone to provide secure packaging solutions for their internationally prized seafood...and biodegradable microdot solutions are being developed to assist in the authentication of nuts and raw produce on the global market. NanoTag's microdots are impossible to replicate, easily identifiable by police, and able to be combined or 'locked' with other identification layers such as QR codes or the new 'VRT'.

VRT (voice response technology) is a revolutionary copy-proof printing solution developed by NanoTag, that is allowing theft-sensitive products to be labelled securely and discreetly. It's fast gaining traction in the world of wine labelling, product packaging and logistics.

And there is no simpler way of protecting farm machinery - utes, mowers, bikes, quads, tractors and trailers - with covert GPS tracking technologies like Black Knight. These assets are the engines that keep farms efficient and operational, and paying them off are a large percentage of a farmer's monthly outgoings. If exhausted farm owners can rest a little easier at night, knowing their machines are secured with GPS trackers such as these, it's money well spent.

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