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NanoTag Security Packaging: The technology is invisible, but the benefits are transparent!

Companies spend millions on developing their brand identity and exhaustively trial many varied forms of packaging to gain maximum market presence. Whether it’s in the retail or wholesale form, a brand’s packaging states a clear message defining what the product is.

A brand should not expect to invest fortunes on these highly specialised packaging ideas, including countless design and marketing hours, only to have them illegally copied, compromised and re-sold on the black market. In an era where currency can be convincingly counterfeited, printed packaging is a relatively easy target for pirates with access to sophisticated printing and manufacturing technology.

Many covert and overt technologies are used do defend original packaging, but most come under sustained attack. Counterfeited packaging doesn’t need to be exact – a rough approximation will generally be enough to fool most consumers, making them unable to spot the difference between an original and a fake.

NanoTag's High Security Authentication Label combines transparent labels with unique Microdots for a simple authentication solution

Furthermore, it is important to consider the limitations of the majority of commonly used security packaging overt technologies – holograms, colour-shifting inks, tamper-evident warning labels, etc. For instance, who really knows if the hologram on the article is not a counterfeited hologram? This is extremely difficult to determine and surprisingly few professionals or law-enforcement agents are in a position to recognise the original technology.

Overt technologies require forensic examination with a sophisticated (and in most cases expensive) reader, and often information will require transferring to a database on an external server for specialist verification.

NanoTag Technology provides a variety of state-of-the-art overt and covert security packaging solutions. Customised food and pharmaceutical-grade packaging, packing tapes, strapping bands, security stickers and security seals – all manufactured with client-branded microscopic tags, ensuring your premium product cannot be tampered with along the supply chain.

A complete security packaging solution by NanoTag Technology gives you the benefits of:

  • Complete flexibility (able to seamlessly merge with almost any packaging manufacturing methods).

  • “White labeling” (full security branding system with client logo).

  • A variety of simple client-tailored applications.

  • The highest level of security (cannot be replicated and almost impossible to remove).

  • Easy and inexpensive detection/reading (a small microscope or smartphone is all that is needed – no forensics required).

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