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Asset theft is a constant issue for businesses everywhere. The theft of common items such as copper wires, steel components, solar panels, batteries, vehicles, equipment and tools are setting back firms BILLIONS of dollars each year. Replacing lost assets isn't the only issue. The true losses to a company emerge from the amount of time lost through the service down time this creates. Those losses can come to be an exponentially higher, up to 100–1000 times the replacement expense.

If your business is experiencing a theft problem, NanoTag has the solution: Microdots - small octagonal metal flakes imbedded with a unique alphanumeric serial number. It all starts with identifying the assets. Common assets don't have an identifier, so when they are recovered they cannot be mapped back to an owner. Microdots are an effective theft deterrent, because by giving all of your assets a unique identifier, you are tying it to your business, making it less desirable for thieves as it can be traced back to its original owner.

Microdots can be as small as 0.1 millimeters in diameter. However, we can make them larger depending on your requirements. Microdots can be dispensed through various different applicators. Whether dispensed via an adhesive brush, an aerosol can, or mixed in with plastic pellets and then moulded into shape. We can even develop something completely new to suite your business needs. If your solution includes the use of microdots, we’ve got you covered.

Contact NanoTag today and we can discuss a microdot solution for your business.

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