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What are Microdots?

Microdots are tiny metallic flakes, mixed in adhesive or moulded into plastic, with a unique serial number or brand etched onto them. These flakes are can be anywhere from half a centimetre to 0.1 millimetres wide and by using a magnifying glass or microscope, you can identify the unique serial number imbedded on them and link it to an individual or business.

By applying microdots to products, manufacturers are (literally) adding an extra layer of brand protection. To elaborate, the main application of microdots is to mark items as genuine, or to give them a unique identifier. Businesses face the problem of counterfeiters selling fakes or thieves selling stolen items. Microdots are a way to identify genuine items and connect them to the original owner.

For example, say you are purchasing some auto parts. If the manufacturer has added microdots to their parts, then it can be identified as a genuine product. In addition, by checking the serial number on the dots, you can check a database to see if the parts are stolen or from the manufacturer. If the serial number is connected to someone, then the part may have been taken from a stolen vehicle. If the number is unregistered, or no owner is attached, then it was sourced from a genuine dealership.

Microdots are usually mixed together with an adhesive and then brushed or sprayed onto whatever you are marking. NanoTag has developed several consumer and industrial-grade products that make the application microdots more accessible. Tagging wands and aerosols dispense microdots mixed in a water-based adhesive that can be brushed or sprayed onto just about any surface. For a quick, easy and mess-free application, labels and security seals with microdots are also available.

NanoTag also offers microdots mixed into plastic pellets (called a master batch), which can be melted down and moulded into shape to make plastic goods, such as container bold seals or rat-tail security seals. Also available are thin polyethylene (LDPE) films with microdots, designed to be used as lamination film, and microdot tapes and strapping bands for packaging purposes.

Microdots were designed to tackle the wider issue of counterfeit and stolen goods. They are an authenticator of genuine products and an inexpensive form of brand protection. Contact NanoTag to discuss a microdot solution for your business today.

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