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anti-counterfeit protection

Is managing counterfeits affecting your brand?

How are your customers protected when purchasing via e-commerce?


Counterfeit Items Sold in 2017 - International Trademark Association


Why are counterfeits a problem?

Are counterfeiters affecting your business? Have you taken counterfeiting seriously?


Online Shopping

More Opportunities... and fakes

Selling via eBay? Facebook? Alibaba? Amazon?

We all know the benefits of e-commerce in reaching greater audiences and more sales.

But is your brand protected from third-party resellers providing counterfeits? How do you protect your customers from fakes? 


Zero Waste Store

Ensure your customers trust

Are you protecting your customers from counterfeits?

NanoTag provides a cost-effective and efficient way to provide the added level of protection for your customers.

Help them distinguish your genuine products form the fakes.



Protect your image and your brand

With Nanotag, you can provide Greater Transparency and Accountability for you and your customers.

Counterfeits may not only be stealing direct revenues from your business, but also damaging your reputation in the market, resulting in further losses down the line.

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