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the most versatile, durable and secure microdot technology on the market.

NanoTag Technology’s wide range of products boast an unsurpassed level of premium security features. The tags are virtually indestructible, impossible to replicate and adaptable to almost limitless applications. Our technology is the product of years of elaborate laboratory research, stringent testing and intricate manufacturing processes.



Bespoke Branding and Unique Serialisation

NanoTag is the only metal microdot which provides the option for clients to customise their own branding on their dot, ensuring that your dots are separate from the rest when it comes to identification.

Serialisation by nano-etching on the microdot ensures a unique code providing a secure, non-replicable marking solution on all your assets.

Melted Dots.jpg


Resistant to all Exposure Conditions

Made from nickel, NanoTag's metal microdots easily withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.

Unlike our competitors, our dots are chemically robust, heat resistant to above 1400⁰C and unaffected by sunlight exposure. Rest assured that your assets will always be identifiable with the implementation of NanoTag...not just for a month or two!

NanoTag Tag Cropped.jpg


Limitless Applications

As small as 0.3mm in size, NanoTag can provide a discreet and effective solution for identifying authentic, genuine products of all shapes and sizes. 

We can tailor NanoTags to provide perfect security solution to your commercial and industrial applications, even incorporate dots into your base product materials.

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