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Authenticate, Identify, Track & Trace

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Any truly effective modern anti-counterfeit system should be comprised of three elements: authentication, identification and track/trace capabilities. Sadly, the majority of products available on the market manage to do only one at best.

NanoTag’s international-patented technology represents a unique combination of all three integrated and layered processes, and the only global provider of premium anti-counterfeiting solutions able to boast such extensive varieties of technology available from a single source.

Our scientific team has developed state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting, asset protection and security technologies to revolutionize the protection and integrity of branding, business and personal assets across the globe.

All other ‘high security’ solutions (UV printing, holograms, tamper-proof security stickers) use technology readily available for any would-be counterfeiter to replicate at a relatively low cost. Incorporating NanoTags into the final layer of these existing technologies serves to trulyauthenticate them, as NanoTags are virtually impossible to reproduce.

Understanding NanoTag anti-counterfeiting, asset protection and security technology in three easy steps:

1 – Authentication

NanoTags are forensic taggant particles embedded covertly to the carrier or applied onto items using patent applicators. These tiny microtags each have a laser-etched identification code on them, almost invisible to the naked eye without the use of a microscope or magnifying tool.

Our technology uses NanoTags in myriad creative ways that can be either applied onto the surface of products or incorporated into products at a manufacturing level, and cannot be replicated by counterfeiters. Brand owners, law enforcement agencies and authorities can easily authenticate genuine goods using a simple magnifying tool rather than expensive forensic testing.

2 – Identification

Through NanoTag Technology, users are further empowered to identify and authenticate a product through the use of a small handheld microscope device supplied by NanoTag, or simply via a smartphone. Once you know where to look with the help of our Overt Warning sticker labeling system & UV trace elements, NanoTag’s small particles can be read and identified.

3 – Track & Trace

NanoTag maintains a secure, premium database – accessible by NanoTag administrators & law enforcement agencies, codes can be tracked & traced at the touch of a button.

NanoTag Technology Portfolio

NanoTag's patented Tagging Wand makes the application of microdots simple

NanoTag provides a broad range of solutions to assist clients in developing comprehensive anti-counterfeiting, document security, asset and brand protection solutions.

A technology portfolio that includes:

  • A variety of overt and covert tagging technologies using NanoTag’s uniquely coded taggant.

  • An extensive range of patented carriers and applicators by which technologies are creatively applied to products and packaging.

  • Unsurpassed flexibility and adaptability to client needs.

  • Warning alerts and information marks.

  • Overt and covert solutions that can be impregnated into carriers or products

  • Online code registration system for tracking and tracing.

  • Simplified, low-cost verification technologies via handheld microscope or smartphone.

  • Your product, brand or business is too important to risk piracy, counterfeit or theft.

Trust NanoTag to tailor a watertight, cost-effective security solution for you. Contact NanoTag and protect your brand today!

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