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Preventing Theft, Speeding Recovery, Reducing Insurance Costs

Personal Asset Protection for Your Peace of Mind:

Permanently marking any item with hundreds or thousands of virtually invisible NanoTags helps prevent theft and assist in the return of lost or stolen property. Apply NanoTags to all of your belongings from home entertainment systems, motorbikes and cars through to office and sporting equipment. All of your items can be covered under one unique code – no need to keep lists of all your serial numbers.

How Do NanoTags Prevent Theft?

  • A Security Identification Code is etched into each NanoTag.

  • Owners mark their valuables with NanoTags and register on the NanoTag database.

  • Law enforcement officials identify owner via SIC in database.

  • Speeding recovery of lost or stolen items and reducing insurance costs (consult your insurance company for more details).

Items protected by NanoTags are quickly identified using a common black light. The Security Identification Code is easily read using a $10 handheld magnifier or a smart phone with camera. These tools are in every law enforcement investigator’s tool kit today. Theft prevention and recovery are enhanced by applying warning security labels to any item protected by the NanoTag Theft Prevention System. The label alerts a prospective thief that the item will be difficult to sell even if disassembled.

Your Item is protected in Three Layers:

Multiple Markings The key to the NanoTag Theft Prevention System is that an item is not marked once but marked hundreds or thousands of times. Each NanoTag Theft Prevention Kit contains a unique Security Identification Code. No two kits have the same code. While thieves can file off or change serial numbers, or remove the NanoTag Warning alerts, there is no way to remove hundreds or thousands of NanoTags placed in multiple areas on your car, motorcycle, laptop, camera, bicycle, etc. An item permanently marked with NanoTags is simply less valuable to a thief as it is more difficult to sell. Buyers of stolen property always run the risk that the rightful owner will be found and the buyer will be forced to return the product. It only takes one single microscopic NanoTag to identify an item as yours and not of the thief’s.

NanoTag Warning Alerts – When thieves are planning which house to rob, they choose the house that does not have the ACME SECURITY COMPANY sign. Why? A perceived lesser chance of being caught. The same is true of the NanoTag warning label. It tells a thief that your item will be more difficult to sell thanks to the hundreds or thousands of hidden NanoTags. Thieves will always choose the more ‘liquid’, easily sellable items before considering items protected by NanoTag. Subaru reduced the theft of ALL new car models sold in Australia by 87% in only three years. How? Every new Subaru is protected by microdots.

The NanoTag Global Database – Once you have registered your NanoTag Security Identification Code (SIC) on our database, law enforcement agencies can access it to determine an item’s rightful owner. If an item is lost or stolen, simply report it to your local law enforcement agency, informing them that it is protected by NanoTags with your unique SIC.

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